November 5th, 2008

marcus 2013


Congratulations to my US friends - hope it's the start of a new era. Sorry to see that Proposition 8 looks like passing in California, I know a lot of my friends were worried about it. I hope that the final tally is against it; if not, that it's a setback rather than a serious defeat.

Anyway, go you!
marcus 2013

Starkly Astonished

I knew that Donald Westlake was writing as Richard Stark again. I even thought I was reasonably up to date with his books. But I just checked, and I've missed one, and there's another that's only just come out.

Cries of "It must be mine!" and some hasty purchases on Amazon ensue.
marcus 2013

Deep-fried camembert?

I got some ready-to-cook breaded camembert portions, which are supposed to be deep fried before eating.

What they don't say is whether they should be served hot or cold once cooked; I was hoping I could cook up a batch for guests, but if they are supposed to be eaten hot the logistics would be a bit difficult. Anyone know?