November 7th, 2008

marcus 2013

So... farewell then Pyramid Online

Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games' weekly webzine, has apparently been losing money and is to be shut down, replaced by a once per month PDF which will looks to be fairly expensive compared to the old site; $7.95 a month, nearly $100 (now about £66) a year.

Existing subscribers get six months of the PDF, and for the time being will be able to download old articles from its archives, but that isn't going to continue indefinitely.

SJG say that the new magazine will contain at least as much content as four weeks of the old webzine, but I doubt that the mix will be the same. princeofcairo has already said that he will not be carrying his Suppressed Transmission column over to the new magazine - for me that was one of the main reasons to keep subscribing to the web zine. I think it's possible that the non-GURPS content of the magazine, already low, will disappear completely.

Hopefully I'm worrying unnecessarily, and the new version will still be worth the subscription. But with the dollar on the rise compared to sterling and the Euro they may find that they're losing a lot of their European audience six months down the line. Anyway, I wish them all possible success; I'm just not convinced it's a wise move.

As part of this restructuring the SJG newsgroups (currently only accessible if you were a Pyramid subscriber) will also close, replaced by bulletin boards. As far as I can tell these will continue to be free. Not quite as convenient for me as newsgroups, but on the whole not a bad thing I suppose.
marcus 2013


This evening's pound shop bargain was a small USB accessory. A glass ball about the size of a light bulb on a plastic base...

Yes, it really is a USB-powered plasma globe. I have no idea how they get the necessary voltage for it, but it's really quite nifty. Not as nice or as bright as the 6" globe I got a few years back, but it's a fun toy. And if I can pick up a few more various family members will be getting them as stocking fillers...