December 10th, 2008

marcus 2013

Another stupid Linux question...

How do I add TrueType fonts? There are a couple I need to use - Albertus, which I bought for the PC but seems to be OK on my Mac too and will probably need on the Shiny(ish), and a special font for science technicians (hazard symbols etc.) that's again OK on PCs and Macs.

(pause of 20 minutes or so for another bloody fire alarm - this time a kid set it off deliberately)

Also, is there a good beginner's linux book anyone can recommend? Linux for Dummies or something?
marcus 2013

Oy! Is there a Linux guru in the house?

Every question I ask about Linux seems to lead to another question. For example, the installation instructions for fonts say to put them into a directory called /usr/share/fonts/truetype - which does not exist, there's no /usr/share/fonts at all. The program installer says that installation packages have to be taken from a file called the repository - then says I don't have the authority to move files there. It also says I don't have the authority to install packages from anywhere else.

The font thing is REALLY annoying because the current project needs Albertus and one or two other fonts. The program thing is slightly less worrying - I can live without celestia for the time being - but still annoying.

If I bring Shiny(ish) along to the Tun next week is there likely to be some kind Linux guru present who might be able to help, if I haven't got things sorted by then?
marcus 2013

(no subject)

James Nicholl pointed out the implausibility of interstellar empires meeting for the first time and having roughly comparable technology, which reminded me that I wrote a "The Culture" (Banks) versus "Civilization" (Smith) wargames article a few years back.

Kimball Kinnison and the Zwilniks of Doom

Not particularly influential at the time, but it eventually spawned a huge "Culture versus Civilization" fanfic and thread on one of the wargaming bulletin boards, which ran to several hundred posts. But I can't now remember where it appeared, and Google gives WAY too many hits on Culture and Civilization, none of them relevant. Anyone able to track it down?