December 11th, 2008

marcus 2013

160gb network drive for £19.99

Another interesting deal from SVP's one-day offer thing

160GB network drive for £19.99 plus postage (which generally seems to be around £3 from this site)

This seems to be the same network drive housing I recently bought for this price, but now it has a 160gb drive ready installed - a pretty good deal. It worked very well once I'd got a firmware upgrade that let OS-X and Vista work with it.

I should mention that the boxes don't have USB ports, unlike some other network drive boxes, so you can only use them on a wired network.

Maybe I should also mention that the_magician was still waiting for a computer he'd ordered several days ago the last time I looked. Don't know if it has appeared yet.
marcus 2013

Blood Ties arrives

Forgot to say that I received the Blood Ties DVDs from Amazon yesterday, so it wasn't an error in pricing at £6.98. No extras, as far as I can see. Not my favourite show but there were some OK episodes, at that price I can afford to skip the clunky ones.