December 14th, 2008

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While I really like the HP MiniNote as a computer, the sad fact is that I am having real problems getting SUSE linux to do the things I want since I appear not to have the linux mindset. I'm beginning to think that Linux was written by Timelords or something, and that "Simply," "just" and "all you need do" are Linux jargon for "it doesn't work for puny humans but we're not going to tell you the real way to do it because your head would explode." I definitely want to keep the computer, but I think I may have to look at other options.

A couple of people have suggested that Ubuntu is a better linux for people like me who aren't linux experts. That has the advantage of being free, and I was hoping to learn more about linux, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have more immediate priorities than struggling to learn linux since it won'd advance my career or anything.

A more realistic (in terms of my abilities) solution might be to install Windows XP; HP's web site now has the drivers the MiniNote needs. Amongst other pluses, there are a lot of accessories that will only work with Windows, such as dedicated microscope cameras, TV tuner cards, etc. But of course for this I'd need a legit copy of Windows and COA, and that costs money. You can get the OEM version of XP service pack 1 for £20, but I'd really hate to try this with anything less than SP3, and that's more like £60.

So, a little poll...

Poll #1314789 What should marcus do with his MiniNote

What operating system should Marcus go for?

Suse Linux - it's already installed after all.
Ubuntu Linux - it's easier to work with.
Some other Linux I will explain in the comments.
Windows XP
Some other operating system altogether (explained in comments)

Does Marcus need to learn Linux

Yes, it's absolutely necessary
Yes, if he feels like it and has the time
Not yet, wait until a new improved version is released (explain)
No - Windows XP is easier, even if it's the expensive option
No - some other OS is better and I know that it will work because...

Later: Having reviewed the comments and had a think about it, it really isn't going to cost me anything except time to try Ubuntu first; I'll still need the external drive (I've already ordered a little kit for that) but the Ubuntu download is free. I might as well give it a try before I commit to Windows.
marcus 2013

Crossword generator

I've been playing with a free Windows program called Eclipse Crossword Generator which seems to be pretty good. Here's a small one I made to try out the software, I may try something more ambitious as my Xmas "card". The clues aren't very sophisticated since this was just to try the software itself.

Small Scientific Romance Crossword

Reposted with a few more words.

And yes, I know I've spelled Burroughs wrong in one of the clues. I think the actual crossword is OK.