December 17th, 2008

marcus 2013

Mini-note update

I'm still waiting for an external drive kit to arrive so I can try to install something more user-friendly than SuSe Linux - given the time of year it may not appear until January. Is there anyone going to the Tun tomorrow night who could possibly trust me with an external CD or DVD until the new year?
marcus 2013

New source for Forgotten Futures / Diana / Flatland PDFs

I've just uploaded the main PDFs I publish to

Hopefully this will help to get them to a wider audience and more reviewers.

They're also still available through, and the free PDFs can be downloaded from my web site.

Apologies if you see this multiple times, I'm also posting it to ffutures_news and to the insanejournal ffutures_news account I use to post news on my web sites.