December 18th, 2008

marcus 2013

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Just trying the minbantu install. Booting off the CD (which is painfully slow but hopefully needn't happen again any time soon) it was immediately able to use the wireless connection, detect my network, and connect to the network drive. I'm wiping the hard disk and installing it as the OS.

And when that's done I have the fun of trying to install the network printer, the fonts I want, etc. etc.

Wish me luck..

In other news my Jornada is now on £24 with 12.45 hours to go. Hopefully it will go a lot higher, or someone will get a real bargain. But I really can't justify keeping it with two other laptops and a PDA around...

Later Colour me VERY impressed - printer installation was completely painless. And if I can stop my modem (or more likely NTL) from flaking out every few minutes I will try to get patches etc. sorted.

And just after 2 AM I have everything updated, fonts working (via a program called Fonty Python), and it's time to head for bed. Tomorrow I might try doing some actual work with it, the horror!!!

BTW, autopope tells me you can get them to run Mac OS-X. I'm horribly tempted, but I think I'll stick with Linux for now.
marcus 2013

Router Recommendations?

My router is playing silly buggers - as soon as I try to do any sort of large file download by wireless it loses its modem connection. It's fine with wired connections. This has been an intermittent problem before, but it now seems to be happening a lot more.

The current one is a netgear WGT624 wireless G cable router with 4 port switch - I need to replace it with something with at least that many sockets, 10/100 or 10/100/1000, firewall, and preferably no horrible flaws. I seem to recall seeing somewhere that some recent router upgrades added horrible problems, but the details have escaped me - something about DRM?

Anyway, any suggestions?