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Not exactly a meme - spamming by Penknife Press

I'm being persistently spammed by Penknife Press, which appears to be a vanity press operation with a lot of people very angry about their spamming. I think that they're finding addresses on fanfic sites, on the assumption that people who post fanfic are likely to fall for their crap.

It's evident, on reading posts others have made about them, that they do not respond to complaints etc., so I've decided to try another approach; they're selling their stuff through various outlets including Amazon, so from now on, every time they spam me, I'm contacting one or another of these outlets and making a complaint. Hit Amazon today, and they ought to know how much money I've spent with them over the years - if enough of their regular customers follow suit they may actually start to pay some attention, or even (dare I say it) ask Penknife Press to stop being arseholes.

What I would appreciate is for anyone else who gets spammed by these bozos to do as I have done; post a complaint to one or another of their outlets, and mention this on your livejournal. If enough people do it we may get a result.

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