January 8th, 2009

marcus 2013

XDA Exec?

I was talking to some teachers at work about my problems with the mininote and desire for a pocketable computer, and someone offered me his old XDA Exec - it's the O2 configuration, e.g. unlocked, and I suppose that it's OK as a PDA with Wifi etc., but I doubt I can get up any speed typing on it. Nevertheless it'd be a big improvement over my current PDA, and I suppose I could put the Sim card from my current phone (orange) into it and use it for that too.

Any horrible problems with them I should know about? And realistically how much is it worth? price is something I haven't discussed yet.

Later: Never mind - there's something wrong with it, it keeps locking up for some reason. I shall have to look at other options.
marcus 2013

And two more nominations!

Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter has been nominated for two Crossing Over awards, one of which I've turned down because I think I have a better story nominated already; the one I've accepted is Best Portrayal of Angel/Angelus.

The others are:

Best comedy, best Harry Potter - Dead Trouble

Best portrayal of Fred / Illyria - The Key to Byzantium

Best Movie Crossover, Best Comedy, and Best of British Moderator Award - The Right Technology

Non-BtVS Crossover - Nine Lives

Best Portrayal of Dawn - Omphalos

That makes nine nominations, ten if you count the one I turned down. I'm astonished, considering how little fanfic I've written this last couple of years, but very pleased. Now if I can just win a couple of them...