January 20th, 2009

marcus 2013

Since I Have No Shame (and everyone else has done it too)

Yes, I know I've already posted this list...

Voting for the first round of the Twisting the Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards ends tomorrow. I'm nominated in several categories, and I hope that if my stories get enough votes they'll carry through to the second round and possibly (dare I say) win something. Please vote if you're eligible! My nominations:
Best Portrayal of Angel/Angelus - Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter - BtVS / Highlander / Harry Potter

Best comedy, best Harry Potter - Dead Trouble - BtVS / Harry Potter

Best portrayal of Fred / Illyria, Best Stargate Crossover - The Key to Byzantium - BtVS / Stargate SG-1

Best Movie Crossover, Best Comedy, and Best of British Moderator Award - The Right Technology - BtVS / Wallace & Gromit

Non-BtVS Crossover - Nine Lives - Lois & Clark / Batman / Highlander

Best Portrayal of Dawn, Malana's "Aliens, Spaceships & Ray-Guns" moderator award - Omphalos - BtVS / Stargate DS9

Best Drabble - Friends Help You Move... - BtVS / Veronica Mars

To save bandwidth I haven't included the nomination banner pictures. Some other nominees haven't been so considerate, but they may possibly have some reasonably good stories nominated - I know because I nominated some of them - and even if you don't vote for me, please vote for something!
marcus 2013


I very rarely take exception with posts from sjgames but I'm afraid that today is something of an exception...
SJ's off to Chattacon this week, to show off new releases, playtest some designs, and generally wave the company flag. He'll also be speaking at a couple of panels, including one with David Weber, on the topic of tanks.

That's right, the author of Bolo! and the designer of Ogre in one room, talking about giant armored war machines. Does it get any better?
As any fule kno, while Steve Jackson wrote the game Ogre, David Weber did not originate the concept of the Bolo robotic tank. That honour belongs to the late great Keith Laumer. Bolo! is a book set against the background that Laumer originated, but as far as I can tell on a cursory look doesn't add much that's new to the setting.

I'm prepared to concede that Weber probably knows a lot more about this setting than I do - but the implication of sjgames post is that Weber invented the idea, and that simply isn't true.
marcus 2013

So farewell then, GWB, and hello BO

Interesting speech - a few points at which I felt that the hand of a Toby Zeigler was needed to paper over the cracks of some of the rather abrupt transitions, but on the whole pretty good.

Be interesting to see how things go from here, knocking wood and keeping my fingers crossed as the pound plummets to new lows.

And another reminder to anyone from the USA who might have been thinking of registering Forgotten Futures - it's priced in pounds, not dollars, so the odds are that it'll never be cheaper for American customers. Buy now before I have to put up the price!