February 4th, 2009



VERY amused to notice that the cardboard trays in the supermarket that Hartley jelly[1] packs come on are labelled "Wibbly" and "Wobbly" - unfortunately they don't do "Timey" and "Wimey", the other two are "Fruity" and "Tasty".

[1] For the USA I think the equivalent is jello - these are blocks of concentrated rubbery flavoured jelly that you dissolve in boiling water to make the final sweet.

In other news Play and Amazon are selling the Pushing Daisies S1 DVDs for £12.95 / £12.99.
marcus 2013


I picked up something in a charity shop that is either a steam engine or a compressed air engine - not entirely sure which. It has a biggish cylinder (over 1" wide), slide valve, inlets and outlets that look to be designed for 3/16" or similar tubing. It turns by hand but I think it needs to be cleaned and lubricated at least, not sure what else needs doing. My guess is it's intended for compressed air and was originally used to run a sewing machine or something, but I could be completely wrong. No manufacturer's logo or anything.

Anyway, I paid 15 quid for it - I have some friends who are very into steam and have first refusal if they're interested, if not I'll either keep it as an ornament or sell it on eBay, if I can find out more about it.

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Any guesses?