April 14th, 2009

marcus 2013

Monday and post-con - and a Route66 question.

Monday ended up being pretty uneventful - some very good science and RPG panels (I really hope that major_clanger plans to write up his talk on role-playing the legal system), followed by the closing ceremony (just a little on the long side) and winding down.

I was going to run my FF / Flatland game at 6 PM but had no players so that didn't happen - instead I just talked to friends, ate really weird flavours of chocolate, and ended up getting an early night. Along the way I managed to lose the book I was reading, but hopefully it'll turn up in convention lost property and get back to me - it's not rare so at a pinch I can buy another copy.

Headed off to the station at about 11.30 this morning and ended up sitting with one of my oldest friends, Roger R.; we got into Leeds with an hour to go for our train and got a quick lunch in the station's pub. Reasonably good and comparatively cheap, if you ever happen to want to spend an hour in Leeds railway station. I'm now on the train back to London, which has WiFi (fairly slow since it all presumably funnels through a router and one 3G phone connection) and watching the train's progress via my bluetooth satnav receiver and Route66; currently heading SE past Abbot's Ripton at 127 MPH.

Which brings me to a small question - the Mac version of Route66 (2004 release) doesn't appear to be able to show the GPS coordinates, speed, direction etc. on screen unless you open up a pop-up window. Is it possible to have it permanently shown in the left-hand sidebar (currently route planning stuff)? I can't see a way to do it, but this is really the first time I've used the software in anger and experienced users might know a fix.