April 15th, 2009

marcus 2013

Forgotten Futures II 3D models

Finished work a little early, due to no electricity and ear-splitting noise from drilling work, and found an interesting email waiting.

Mateen Greenaway's collection of 3D illustrations now includes a couple of images based on Forgotten Futures II: The Log of the Astronef. As I understand it these are still work in progress, but already pretty good. Some of the other steampunk illustrations on the site are also well worth a look.


Apologies if you see this more than once - it's also posted to ffutures_news and the Insanejournal equivalent.
marcus 2013


I suddenly started to see a lot about Dreamwidth a few days ago, most of it in posts from people who seemed to assume that everyone knew what it was. So I checked the site and found out what it is. It looks like they're saying, at the moment, that there will be no ads and minimal interference from the management, but that, as someone once said, is what they all say.

So why exactly are people already panting for invitations to join another LJ-style service which is apparently still very much in beta test? Good PR, or is there some factor I've missed?