April 19th, 2009

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More on disk images

Further to yesterday's poll, has anyone tried using Amazon's "Simple Storage Service" for something like disk images? It looks to be pretty cheap, with the charges calculated according to usage, not a pre-arranged plan. So say I uploaded two 500mb disk images, there would be a small monthly storage fee, and a charge each time one is downloaded - I would be able to give registered users unique links to download them.


It sounds pretty good, but the guy who mentioned this was using it for his own storage and wasn't giving keys to other people. I have no idea how easy it is to use in practice.

Highlander DVDs

I'm offering the Highlander S1 DVDs on eBay, starting price £19.99 inc. P&P in the UK but I hope it'll go higher.

Reminds me to ask if the Highlander animated series is worth watching; I get the impression that it isn't, but has anyone seen it?

BtVS / Highlander - Grounds for Divorce

One of the reasons why I have been looking at Highlander is that I finally thought of something to do with an old story idea.

This is a BtVS / Highlander crossover, a prequel to my earlier multiple crossover Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter and set about three years earlier, but this is a simple BtVS / Highlander crossover - no Angel, Potter or Sopranos characters appear.

The religion mentioned below was invented by Tara Keezer for her story Stupid Portal, and is used here with her permission.

All characters belong to their respective creators / media companies / etc., and there is no intent to violate copyright. This story may not be distributed on a profit-making basis.

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