May 8th, 2009

Mad scientist

Psst... want to buy a used microscope prism guv?

In the unlikely event that anyone reading this is interested, I'm selling a load of Gillet and Sibert microscope accessories for my school; projection eyepiece assemblies, inclined eyepiece tubes, condensers, etc. They're really nicely made bits of kit, but probably not much use if you don't have the microscopes - I don't know of anything else that was compatible. Unfortunately the microscopes themselves were electrically unsafe (not just technically unsafe by modern standards - they were an accident waiting to happen) and had to be scrapped.

Descriptions here

later And all of them already have bids after a couple of hours, which means the starting price may be too low. Never mind, hopefully there will be more bidders.
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That was neat - I just edited a Dreamwidth post that was crossposted to Livejournal, and the edit carried across to Livejournal. Didn't realise it would do that!