May 11th, 2009

marcus 2013

Problem with web hosting?

Does anyone else using Nativespace for their web hosting currently have problems with their site? Can't seem to access mine at present, and can't get into my nativespace account without a password which is on another computer and I don't have time to get into right now, since I have to leave for work.

What makes me worry is that I've requested they send me a password reminder by email and got no reply. Really isn't like them at all.
Planets of Peril

Asteroids in the Weinbaum universe

I finally finished off Mars for the Weinbaum RPG - did so by ditching a couple of thousand words which let me tie it off more effectively and will hopefully make it a more interesting read.

I need to write something about the asteriods in the Weinbaum universe, which is a little tricky since none of the stories go there and they are only mentioned twice, both times VERY briefly.

Since this is a fairly hard science universe I can't really justify breathable atmospheres etc. so descriptions will have a certain sameness -I think I'm going to confine myself to a list of a few that are interesting for one reason or another. Say the the first four discovered and a couple of the really eccentric ones such as Eros and possible one of the Earth-grazers. Preferably ones that were known in the 1930s, or could easily be discovered then. Any nominations?
Planets of Peril

Ceres - watery core?

The Wikipedia article on Ceres makes it sound like there's quite a lot of water there. Given that in the Weinbaum universe Jupiter is fairly hot, could I conceivably get away with there being a frigid sea under the ice, kept molten by tidal forces and Jupiter's heat whenever they're close to each other?

In other news, I think that it was a good idea to offer the FF CD-ROM as a download. Sales seem to have picked up a little, though it's too early to tell if this is additional to sales of a physical CD or is taking the place of CD sales. I should know more when I check over the next few weeks.