June 21st, 2009

marcus 2013

Novacon 2009

Does anyone have up-to-date contact details for the Novacon 2009 SF convention? I've tried to query my membership and the messages bounce.

Now sorted, hopefully
marcus 2013

Anyone seen the weather forecast for next weekend?

There's the BSFA and Science Fiction Foundation AGMs on Saturday, and I have some family business to attend to in the evening. I then want to travel to Swindon for Dragonmeet SW, a one-day games con on Sunday. If anyone is interested, the venue is the Crofts Sports Centre in Swindon, 10am and run through to 6pm, trade hall closing 4pm.

The trouble is that the trains are badly screwed up on Sunday, I'd have to leave home before six AM to get there early. It looks like the best route will be by bike unless I travel the night before and stay in a hotel overnight, which given I won't get there until ten or so makes little sense - but it's about 80 miles, and I can't honestly say I fancy biking it much unless the weather is pretty good.

So... has anyone seen a long-range forecast for next weekend?
marcus 2013


Forgot to say that I had an eye test at Specsavers and ordered new glasses this afternoon - fortunately nothing seems to be going wrong apart from the usual age changes, and I wouldn't have bought them for another few months if the frame of my current glasses didn't keep falling apart - on Friday one of the side pieces snapped off, and I've temporarily replaced it with one salvaged from a much older pair that doesn't match particularly well, while the the frame itself is held together with bits of paper clip and superglue. The oculist who did the test turned out to be a former student from my school, and was very interested in all of the changes that are happening.

It's worrying that (a) the cost of the glasses (varifocus lenses etc.) was slightly more than three of the microscopes I'm planning to buy for work, and that (b) they were still comparatively cheap compared to my previous optician. Suggests that I have been paying well over the odds for many years, and that Specsavers advertising is not entirely hype.