June 23rd, 2009

marcus 2013

IDE Hard Disks?

I need a bigger IDE hard disk in my main PC - it's getting too full even after deleting a lot of crap.

SVP and Play don't seem to have any in stock, presumably because SATA is taking over, but there seem to be a lot of allegedly new ones on eBay, including a fair number of 400gb "Ultra ATA" Seagate barracudas around the £35 + P&P mark. Usually Seagate seem to be pretty good, anyone know any reason why these should be avoided?
marcus 2013

Dexter theory

I've beem rewatching Dexter S3 and have a theory about the next season, based mainly on something that was in episode 3-12, also on the Wikipedia article about the show. LOTS of spoilers, don't click if you haven't seen S3 yet!

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