August 8th, 2009

marcus 2013

Today's bargain...

...was a volume of the Royal Magazine collecting November 1900 to April 1901, in really excellent condition, which I got for a fiver in Portobello Road. The odd thing about this one is that it still had the original cloth binding and cover picture, not the fairly horrible leather library bindings I've seen on the other volumes I've picked up. The picture is slightly distorted since I took it with a camera rather than scanning it, scanner is buried under a load of papers at present. I think that one of the things I'll put on the next release of the FF CD-ROM is a set of scans of magazine covers for e.g. The Strand magazine, Pearsons, etc., since most of the copies around have been leather-bound instead and aren't nearly as interesting.

Contents I've spotted so far include another bunch of stereoscopic photos (I posted some here a couple of years back) and the first half or so of an illustrated version of Shiel's The Purple Cloud. Hopefully there's more that's useful, but even if not it's a fiver well spent.