August 27th, 2009

marcus 2013


I've had to remove apod from my friends page again, because of yet another gigantic wide image which mucks up everything else. I'll put it back in a few hours, when it will be off the current page, but it's a bit of a nuisance.

Is there any way to set up a feed so that the entries are behind a cut?
marcus 2013

Oops... yet again.

So I finally got the final Pulse compilation, having already written three chapters of my Alias / Pulse / Angel crossover and most of a fourth...

And needless to say, it Josses my story badly. Nothing I can't fix, but (for example) Jessica meets Stephen Strange for the first time well after the end of the first Pulse story line, the clinic I described seems a little unlikely, and so forth. I have an idea how I can fix things, but it may cause a small delay while I work out the details.
marcus 2013

Stupid Mac question

If a data-logger device is described as coming with Mac software on floppy discs, about 15 years old, we're obviously talking an early-ish iteration of the old Mac OS. If cables are mentioned in this context they will obviously be serial.

What are the chances of getting something like this to work with my iBook, assuming I can find an appropriate serial - USB adapter and some way of getting the software onto the mac? Always assuming the disks are still good, of course...