August 29th, 2009

marcus 2013

Blasts from the past

As part of my giant "clear the work room and get rid of all the crap" operation, I've just stumbled across a ring binder containing printouts of two variants on a half-written Call of Cthulhu adventure, one modern-day and the other Victorian, both dating from 1992, around the time I decided I'd been monstered out, which is why they were never finished.

Both of them appear to have evolved from the same ideas - what my original idea was isn't quite so clear, except that golems seem to have played a big part in it. There are some bits that I know I've subsequently mined for Forgotten Futures - for example, some of the golem stuff is in The League of Extraordinary Geometers, in the Forgotten Futures Compendium. What I need to do at some point is read them through thoroughly and see what's left that I can salvage - for example, I rather like the Kabbalah scholar and AI programmer who uses industrial robots to draw the complex magical patterns he needs for an elaborate ritual to summon angels (who of course turn up wearing black suits and say "We're on a mission from God.") That one seems to credit Charlie Stross and Dave Langford as sources, so I suspect that at some point I picked their brains on AI ideas and got most of it horribly wrong.

Anyway, don't expect anything to come of this soon, I've other fish to fry, but maybe one day I'll put all the bits together as a Frankenstein monster of a scenario or something...