September 29th, 2009

Planets of Peril

The Slinker Menace

Here's what I'm saying about the slinkers as a threat:

Numerous “experts” have commented on the association between the slinkers and the decadent loonies, and the similar association between the related Martian species and the decadent Thoth, suggesting that they might in some way be responsible for the downfall of these civilisations. This seems highly unlikely – while the exact cause of the loonies decline is unknown, the Martian decline is clearly related to a lack of resources and deliberate population reduction, and is already reversing as the Martians begin to use atomic power. There is evidently some animosity between the Thoth and their pests, but this seems unlikely to be the cause. Despite this the League has ruled that these species may not be transported from their respective worlds, for fear that they might one day reach Earth and become a serious pest. Recent papers in the Journal of Life Studies [1] suggest that Earth may have had a lucky escape; Earth’s relatively high gravity plus the presence of domesticated cats in Egypt may have presented a prehistoric infestation – unable to attain their normal speeds, the Slinkers would have been easy prey. It may not be entirely coincidental that the origins of Egyptian cat-worship can be traced to the approximate period of Martian exploration.

[1] Most notably Limiting Factors in the Spread of Mus Sapiens by Nicoll, Jordan, et al.