October 5th, 2009

marcus 2013

Roll 2000D6...

One of the current mysteries for the accounts department at my day job (educational technician) is trying to work out who ordered eight tubs of 250 six-sided dice. They don't show up on any order, so someone presumably entered the wrong order code, at our end or the suppliers - it'll probably turn out we wanted eight packs of pencils or something. Unfortunately it's our biggest supplier, and the delivery note has gone missing, so it could be pretty much any department - I'm fairly sure it isn't me, but that's about all.

But I can't help wondering if any game could ever use so many dice for real. Maybe Champions, if someone used their rules to stat something like Galactus, but I doubt it. Some sort of war game?
Planets of Peril

Need a title for the Europa section

Weinbaum's version of Europa is tidally locked with a lot of valleys containing pockets of atmosphere on the Jupiter side. Basically, you can climb out of the atmosphere, cross a ridge, and climb down into a separate ecosystem with an area of a few square miles. There's no intelligent life, and no obviously dangerous species.

My tentative title for this one is Europa: Small Wonders - anyone got any better suggestions?
marcus 2013

Nice idea, shame about the implementation

Safari has what Opera calls a "speed dial" screen if you open a new tab. The difference is that with Opera you select which sites the buttons link to - Safari seems to choose the sites for you, presumably based on what sites you hit the most. And for some reason it recently seems to have decided that I really don't need buttons for gmail, NTL webmail, or my livejournal. Really not very impressed, especially since it's given me some pretty obscure sites instead.

Anyone know how to make Safari keep the buttons you want, or is it one of those wonderful examples of Apple knowing best?
Planets of Peril

Europa - first attempt at a picture

Once again I've gone with a NASA picture. First Collapse )

The image is just a stock NASA photo of Europa, to which I've added the cracks from a mud flat, coloured green, plus some blue for water etc. I'm not 100% happy with it at full size, I don't think it conveys the idea of a mountain-filled depression well enough, but reduced in size to the sort of dimensions it'll be on the page, less than a third of the width of the text field, it doesn't look too bad. Any suggestions for improving it would be gratefully received, of course.

Collapse )

Maybe I should have it the other way round, with surface terrain surrounding bigger blobs of green? Might give that a try.

later: At kayshapero's suggestion I tried adding a mountain texture (from Google Earth) rather than the mud flat - this has indeed worked a LOT better

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Any further suggestions from anyone?