October 12th, 2009

Planets of Peril

Another version of the nympus picture

This corrects a couple of things I got wrong in the first one - it isn't supposed to have knees, and it has green scaly shoulders. I've handled the knees by making the abdomen a bit longer, so that its former knees are now its hips, and the scales by adding some green mottling.

Later And another one, this time making some changes to the head and neck. Small non-prize to anyone who can suggest what the head started out as. Think I like it a bit better. Comments?

Update I've now seen this on another monitor and spotted some obvious edits that weren't previously apparent on my own screen - I need to dial the brightness down a little if I can figure out the very non-intuitive menu. Fixed the edits, and deepened the colours a little. Looks a lot better.


NOT a charity shop bargain...

Highlander - The Source. Got it for £1.99 About £1.98 too much.

I was expecting mediocrity, but the sheer badness was of epic Highlander II proportions. And no, it isn't so bad it's good. It's just rubbish.