October 31st, 2009

marcus 2013

Brown v Nutt

Just watching the Prof. Nutt thing re cannabis etc. on the news; Gordon Brown really is staggeringly inept, isn't he...

All he really needed to do was say "thanks, we'll consider it the next time we look at this legislation" then forget about it for a few months. Or better yet, do something about it. But no, not a chance.

Roll on the next election...
Angel of the Revolution

Ice Ant

This is another creature, this time from Titan. It's an ice-ant, basically three-inch long three-legged thingies that live in teeny tunnels under the ice, make domes over their hives to melt ice to water, farm fungus, and mind their own business. They're tool users (to the extent of using leaves as sleds) and have some sort of intelligence, possibly a hive mind.

It's going to be reproduced pretty small so some minor outlining etc. probably won't be noticeable.