December 24th, 2009

marcus 2013


I was about to start scanning the illustrated version of The Purple Cloud I found in The Royal Magazine tonight. Then I remembered to check the author's dates. And of course M.P. Sheil died 1n 1947, a year after Wells, and won't go out of European copyright until 2017.

Oh well...

On the other hand, I have scanned another 36 stereoscopic photos, and sorted out some other minor things for the FF CD-ROM, so I haven't exactly been wasting my time today.

And for ping-pong fans everywhere, here's Collapse )
marcus 2013

Scanner recommendations?

Anyone know of any library scanners that aren't hideously expensive? A lot of the books I work with won't stay flat easily, or have very fragile pages, and are getting a little more damaged every time I put them on the scanner. Something like a saddle-style (inverted V) scanner would help a lot, but they're VERY expensive. I think that there are alternatives that use cameras, but I don't know much about them.