January 2nd, 2010


Weinbaum RPG - engineering stuff

Here's my technobabble on how spaceship engines work and how to calculate fuel requirements and travel times in the Weinbaum universe. There will be a spreadsheet template to go with it, probably. The basic idea I'm trying to put across is VERY efficient nuclear power but only with low power outputs, e.g. you get near 100% conversion at 0.01g, but say 20% at 2g, so the faster you settle down to cruising speeds the better.

My illo for this will probably be a diagram of the early NERVA engine, the labels are close enough that it sort of works.

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Does this seem coherent? What I want to avoid doing is giving actual power outputs for engines in the text, since I'm pretty sure that even at total conversion the "high" acceleration I'm using can't be sustained for long, you'd need vast quantities of fuel. Bearing this in mind, does this seem OK?

If any of the astronomy seems a bit off, blame Weinbaum - he gave Uranus a solid surface, not sure about Neptune but I might as well treat it that way, and made Pluto more massive than Earth

Later Edited to remove a couple of bits left over from an earlier draft which had the new engine designs produced more energy from a given mass of fuel. Not sure how that got past the techno-bullshit detector, now changed.

Spinoff Meme - Mister Copper

OK, so now there's a fake spinoff meme, similar to the recent TV show meme, this one suggested by melyana and freifraufischer

The rules.
  1. Ask and you shall be assigned an existing tv show to spin off from. I will make every effort to chose one i know you are familiar with.
  2. You must use at least two characters from the original show (either from the main cast, or from recurring or guest characters). Original characters are permitted, as is stealing characters from other shows to round out your cast but try to avoid having more crossover characters than from the assigned show. Pictures are recommended but not required.
  3. Post the premise and character descriptions in your journal.

freifraufischer gave me Earth based Doctor Who. Modern or Classic. So I've come up with this:


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