January 12th, 2010

Mad scientist

Cheap source for 3-way syringe taps?

I need to build a class set of respirometer apparatus for A-level biology. Most of it is relatively straightforward, rubber bungs and capillary tubes etc, but I also need a lot of three-way syringe taps - basically, a little T-junction which allows you shut off one of the three arms. They used to be relatively cheap, I think about 25p the last time I wanted some, but I've only got a couple left and they are now £2.00 or more each from the licensed bandits we call educational laboratory suppliers. I'll need 30+ so if possible I want to get them cheap. Does anyone know of a source?
marcus 2013

Cancer Meme

I think that cancer is a bad thing, since it has killed several members of my family. I do not believe that posting a meme saying that cancer is a bad thing does any good whatever. I do not believe that trying to guilt people out by doing so helps at all.

If you want to do something about cancer, donate money to medical research, taking care to find a charity that appears to be doing some good.

Please don't pass this on. Guilt trip memes are nobody's friend, and part of the idea of free will is that people get to make their own decisions.
marcus 2013

Thorne Smith Update

As mentioned previously I've now added all of Thorne Smith's 1930 detective novel Did She Fall? to the collection of Thorne Smith novels on my site. Due to an unusually complicated US copyright situation these books will NOT be added to the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM; American readers should NOT follow the link, since these books may still be in copyright there.

If anyone spots any errors / typos please let me know!