January 20th, 2010


well, that's weird...

I added Diana, Warrior Princess to the contents of the bundle of PDFs that are being sold in aid of Haiti, but it isn't showing up. Not sure what's happened here, but very annoying!

later - apparently it's in the bundle but the list is truncated - full list is here

The list value of the stuff in the bundle is just under $1500!

Gamers, please publicise!
marcus 2013

New Lord of the Rings RPG in the works

Cubicle 7 have just announced they have the LoTR RPG license, with a game to appear towards the end of the year. Needless to say this will be an all-new RPG, not a rehash of one of the old ones. Good news for the British games industry, I think!

Full text (with lots of weird characters since it's copied from an email that was badly formatted) Collapse )
marcus 2013

-1 rodent

OK, that's one less mouse in the world, probably the little bastard that's been chewing holes in the mat under my office chair since the trap was near the desk. Chalk one up to the power of Victorian-designed spring and wood engineering (and peanut butter bait)... Must put a few more down around the flat, very much doubt it's the only visitor though I've only ever seen one.