March 4th, 2010

marcus 2013

Possibly a stupid question

I don't have comment notification enabled - I look at my journal most days, and usually notice if comments have been added to the last few days of posts; beyond that I generally don't bother, since there rarely seems to be a lot of point.

A couple of times that has meant that important comments on old posts have gone unnoticed, or that comment spam sits there for quite a while before someone brings it to my attention.

I'd really prefer not to re-enable notification, I already get too much email, so this will probably continue to be the case.

Is there any reasonably idiot-proof way to set up livejournal so that entries over (say) a month old are automatically locked to block further comments?
marcus 2013


Left work feeling tired, got about 95% of the way home before remembering that it's the first Thursday and I'm supposed to be meeting friends at t'pub. Decided the hell with it and continued on home.

Whereupon I found that my little furry visitor has been back (I'd really hoped that I'd got rid of the little bastard, since I hadn't seen any traces in more than a week) and is still as incontinent as ever.

Tomorrow I think a LARGE purchase of mouse traps is called for - I'm going to try putting lines of traps across one of the openings I know it's using, not just a single trap to one side, see if that helps.