April 26th, 2010

marcus 2013

Something you may want to know...

...If you vote in the UK. The BNP are trying to increase their share of the vote by putting up candidates who appear to be independents but are actually members of their party under another name. They won't get elected, but they increase the BNP's share of the vote.

So if you want to make a protest vote,you might want to avoid giving it to any of the following:
A Fair Deal for British People
British Homes for British Families
British Jobs for British Workers
Decent People Not Corrupt Politicians
End Afghan War Troops Home Now
Get Your Own Back
Putting Scottish People First
Scrap All Global Warming Hoax Taxes
Support Our Pensioners Support Our Troops
Support Our Troops Bring Them Home
With Nick Griffin Support Our Troops

See the Electoral Commission site for more details. It isn't actually illegal, just morally questionable deception.

There has also been at least one council election in which a candidate lied about his affiliation and got in as an independent while really a member of the BNP. Full story here.
marcus 2013


Today's charity shop bargain was Starhyke Season 1 - apparently comedy SF -starring Claudia Christian. I don't know much about it, and judging by a quick Wikipedia search it may not be my sort of show, but I wasn't going to turn it down for a fiver. Anyone seen it?

Later Just watched two episodes - I can see why it went straight to DVD. It's god-awful. WTF was Claudia Christian thinking?