April 30th, 2010

Jessica Jones

Lawyers in the Marvel universe.

I want to try to write a bit more of Wolfbane and finally thought of a way to get the plot moving again. For this I need lawyers.

Possibly a stupid question - are Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters the only "hero-friendly" lawyers in the Marvel universe? Would either or both of them be practicing circa 2005-6? Who else should I be looking at?
marcus 2013

Canalway Cavalcade

Tomorrow through Monday there's the canalway cavalcade canal boat rally at Little Venice. I'm feeling pretty crap and may not get over until Sunday or Monday, but it's a chance to see dozens of canal boats, and there are food stalls, book stalls, etc. I've always enjoyed it, so if you're in the area why not take a look.


Some pictures from 2007 are here