May 26th, 2010

Planets of Peril

Romantic plot tropes

I'm working on the "romantic plot / subplot" part of the Weinbaum RPG, and it occurs to me that a good source of cliches might be fanfic.

So, the first one is...

Woke Up on Venus
(suggested by the ever-popular "Woke Up in Vegas")

The hero, heroine, or both wakes up on Venus with no memory of the day or so (if they were already there) or couple of weeks (if they were previously on Earth), and is surprised to discover that they're (a) in an isolated cabin with a member of the opposite sex they don't recall meeting and (b) married.

This may be the result of too much booze, a fiendish plot of some sort (likely if one or both are rich), or an unusual scheme for getting Venus colonised.

So - anyone got any suggestions for more? I'm not looking for plots this time, more general concepts for romantic subplots etc.

Planets of Peril

On The Martian Way (1907 SF)

David Salo has very kindly given me the test of an excellent 1907 SF story I'd never previously heard of - On The Martian Way by Captain (later General) H. G. Bishop, U.S. Army.

It has
  • Spaceships and routine commercial interplanetary flight!
  • Friendly aliens!
  • Interplanetary radio!
  • Computing machines!
  • Antigravity!
  • Suspense!
  • Tragedy!
and much more. On line, and accessible from my web sites or via this link:

In other news, FF XI, which will be based on the writing of Stanley Weinbaum, is now coming along well after a slow start, and I hope to have it ready to launch in August or September. Stay tuned...

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