July 31st, 2010

marcus 2013

Buffy soda

This is weird, might be worth looking at if you're in the USA.

"Limited edition" Buffy Season 8 comic soda.


Apparently legal downloads of some or all of the BtVS season 8 comics are now available, someone said there was a link from the above page but apparently not. Anyone got the right URL?
marcus 2013

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Saw two more bicycle rental stations today, again quite close to home - doubt that they've appeared since yesterday, I just didn't look in the right direction yesterday. So that's five within a 10 minute or so walk from home.

Also saw someone riding one through traffic, fairly fast, so it looks like they can move reasonably well.
marcus 2013

Another COA nomination...

Another COA nomination:

Forever - nominated for Best Multiple Crossover (it's Buffyverse / Highlander / about four other crossovers, most notably Veronica Mars and Six Feet Under)

The previous ones are

Best non-Buffyverse crossover - The Return

Best Highlander crossover - Grounds For Divorce

Best Multiple Crossover - Kafkaesque (yes, this does mean I have two stories in the same category, possibly reducing the chance of either winning, but never mind)

Best Movie Crossover and Best of British - Deeds of Maidenly Unkindness

Voting doesn't start until 16th August, so it's possible that there will be more.
marcus 2013

Laser and Lemonade

So... I was shining my green laser into various liquids, as one does, and thought I'd try cloudy lemonade.

The glass is quite interesting, but I don't think the photo really does justice to the radioactive green ambiance. The bottle worked quite well too, except that I was surprised to see a very visible beam inside the bottle. Then I realised that I'd just opened the bottle to pour the glass, and it was full of a mixture of water vapor and CO2, which showed the beam beautifully.

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Some time soon I really do need to set up the big camera on a tripod and do this properly, rather than trying to hand-hold it without flash.