August 12th, 2010

Planets of Peril

Forgotten Futures progress report

Quick progress report

Just working on page 125 of about 150-60, I think.

Finished the framing campaign thing (the adventures of the League Patrol Ship Endeavour), which ended up as sixteen pages with seven adventure outlines.

I've made a start on With A Pinch of Salt, which is sort of a tribute to Alien, Outland, Thunderbirds, etc. That already has deck plans and some notes, and I've just done the first couple of illustrations. Here's one of them, a sand crawler / factory thingy.

After that there's A Ceres of Unfortunate Events, or "By Submarine To The Asteroid's Core", where I've again got some notes and deck plans.

Lastly there's Earth Girls Aren't Easy, which is a romantic comedy / murder mystery set on Titan. That's largely character driven and I've already designed the characters, so hopefully will be fairly quick too.

Since I've run all of them at least 2-3 times my guesstimate now is that I'll get these written up by the end of the month, or early next month, completing the first draft. After that I need to go through and look for silly mistakes etc., and get it out to beta readers. Then comes the conversion to HTML, the other contents of the distribution disk - which will include a lot of Weinbaum's fiction, more Victorian adverts and stereo photographs, etc. - and so forth. If it all goes really well I hope to send it out to registered users in October, and put it on line generally in November.

But don't shoot me if I'm being too optimistic...