September 1st, 2010

marcus 2013


Anyone know what this is about?

Pingbacks have returned. If you've previously selected a setting, it will be the same; if you've never selected a setting, it will default to Open (on). You can change your setting here.

If you've been using the previous version of Facebook Connect, you'll need to reactivate your settings here.

I don't use facebook - it's presumably important or livejournal wouldn't have had this pop up as soon as I touched the site - so I've disabled it until I know.
marcus 2013


Is the 2007 Flash Gordon TV series worth watching? One of my local charity shops has the DVDs for a tenner, I'm wondering if I should bother. The Wikipedia description doesn't inspire much confidence, since they seem to have cut out e.g. space ships. Anyone know anything about it?

OK, that seems to be pretty unanimous. I shall pass this one by. I had a feeling that was going to be the result.