September 24th, 2010

marcus 2013

The Great Hummus Shortage

Some time in the eighties or nineties (don't know the exact date) a factory in (I think) one of the Scandenavian countries had some sort of fire or explosion, halting pretty much all industrial production of hummus outside the Middle East. As a result there was a global hummus shortage for several months.

Can anyone find me the details of this - exactly when and where it happened etc.? It doesn't seem to be googleable easily.
marcus 2013

Windows problem

On my Windows XP PC the widescreen monitor has 1680 x 1050 resolution, the graphics card is a 128mb ATI radeon 9200 and supports it well.

So I just ordered a stand that will let me rotate the monitor to portrait mode, which ought to be useful for editing whole pages at 100% magnification. Except that I just thought I'd give it a try, only to get this message:

The requested Rotation mode is not supported by your current display mode (resolution and/or refresh rate and/or colour depth) Please change the current display mode and try again.

So I tried reducing the colour depth and it doesn't work. It doesn't want me to change frequency because it might damage the monitor. And changing the fracking resolution defeats the object of the exercise.

I suspect that this ends with me either abandoning the idea or buying another graphics card. Any suggestions?