October 10th, 2010

Planets of Peril

A disclaimer for the Weinbaum game

Something I think is worth mentioning in the front-page disclaimers:

This game uses a mixture of Imperial and US measurements, the metric system, and astronomical measures such as AU and light-minutes, as seems appropriate. While it would be nice to imagine a world that uses a standard measuring system, we all know that things really aren’t like that. This game is science fiction, not fantasy…
marcus 2013

Weird construction thingy

Anyone know what this is? It's been on site across the railway for ages and I can't figure it out. You can't see what's under the white tube thingy in this picture, and most of the time it's concealed by the wall, but the glimpses I've had are a rectangular object about six or eight feet high.

Unfortunately they've now closed off the observation grilles on the other side of the railway, not sure why but my guess is health and safety issues, so I can't get a better picture.

marcus 2013

Interestingly silly idea...

To: Olympics committee

To the Olympics 2012 committee,

We wish for you to consider David Tennant as the official Lighter of the Olympic Flame. David portrays the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, a programme which has been part of our national consciousness for almost half a century and of which it can be said, captures the heart of being British more than an other piece of popular culture on television today.

David, as the Doctor, was seen lighting the Flame in an episode called “Fear Her” which featured the 2012 Olympics. We feel it would be entirely appropriate for him to be given this honour for real.


The Undersigned