November 10th, 2010

marcus 2013

COA Awards

Up late and decided to check Twisting the Hellmough, and found that the results of the Crossing Over Awards are up. It turns out I have a little good news - Grounds For Divorce won Best Highlander Crossover - Buffy / Highlander, it's a prequel to a couple of other stories.

Unfortunately I'm not very impressed by most of the other winners this year; a couple of good ones, but some dreadful turkeys and a lot of mediocrity. I'm appalled at the results of both of the non-Buffy categories - I didn't expect to win, because there were some other excellent nominees, but none of them won either; in fact I think only one of the thirty or so stories I nominated and/or voted for won in its category. I think need to think carefully about whether I accept nominations next time around, I'm not sure I can take this seriously any more.

Commiserations in particular to mhalachaiswords, curiouswombat and speakr2customrs, all of whom deserved to do much better.

Later - OK, blame the late night for me not realising that mhalachaiswords won the Non-BtVS / Non crossover category - I was so focused on the crossover category, and on my nominees, that I really missed that one. MANY apologies!
Planets of Peril

FF XI Progress report

Finished converting the game to HTML tonight

Made a new PDF of the game with a couple of dozen corrections etc.

Started work on the "front end" for this release, the HTML page that will link the files - the current version works but isn't very attractive, needs more work.

Still to do

- get the other disk contents sorted (game rules etc. and the bonus files I send out to registered users.

- finish off the latest FF CD-ROM which has been waiting on me finishing FF XI

- design a label for the distribution CD and the new FF CD-ROM

Hopefully I will get this all done over the next week or so, with a view to posting things to registered users at the end of next week, or early the following week. Things are made a little more complicated by my being away this weekend, but I'm still pretty sure I will get there in the end, and will have disks ready before Dragonmeet at the end of the month.

Fingers crossed, knock wood, etc....