November 22nd, 2010

marcus 2013

Dragonmeet 2010

Dragonmeet is on Saturday 27th at Kensington Town Hall, London. Since I've already run the big FF XI adventures umpteen times, and really can't face doing it again, I'm going to be running a medley of some of the adventure outlines and ideas that are also included - there are at least 18 or 20, some of them going into a fair amount of detail, and I'll be mixing and matching bits from two or more to keep the plots nice and complicated.

My aim is to run three two-hour sessions at e.g. 10.30 AM, 1.00 PM, and 3.30 PM, and kill lots of adventurers possibly be a little more challenging than usual.

If you're a registered user and plan to be there, you may want to avoid reading the adventure outlines until after Dragonmeet, though I will be changing things enough that familiarity hopefully won't be a problem.

See you there!
marcus 2013

Hopefully not a stupid question

Yet another computer graphics question, but totally unrelated to the others I've asked recently.

The computer I use as a media PC has VGA out only. My TV has VGA and HDMI inputs, but for some reason doesn't support wide screen VGA - the screen is actually 1366 x 768, but the best graphic mode it supports through this port is 1024 x 768 standard aspect, not widescreen. For TV programs etc. I can work around this by stretching the picture to fill the screen and setting VLC media player to a pixel aspect of 4:3, but most other programs have no way to compensate.

I'd been vaguely thinking about a VGA to HDMI adapter box, but that's seriously expensive. However, I just discovered that DVI to HDMI appears to be a lot easier to implement - just an adapter that costs around £2 and an appropriate cable. And you can get a basic 128mb DVI card with PC Express interface around a tenner.

Has anyone got any experience with this, and is there any down-side I should be aware of?

(Apart from needing an HDMI switch since I will then have two HDMI outputs and one socket on the TV...)