December 4th, 2010

marcus 2013

Weird iBook problem

My iBook suddenly seems to be unable to detect my network hard drive. Which is odd because it had no trouble with it a couple of days ago, and I haven't changed any settings on anything. About the only thing that happened recently is that the battery went flat yesterday and the computer shut down. But I can connect to the internet and print, so it seems to know that the network is still there. However, even if I disconnect temporarily the network name still shows in finder.

The drive is still there and still working - I can access it from my PC in Windows and Linux.

What I think I need to do is redo the network settings on the ibook - not just Wifi, but the network name etc.. Any suggestions on how?

Later - Just tried running Netinfo Manager, it says trusted_networks [no value]
Does that mean anything?
marcus 2013


Apologies to anyone who expected to see me at tonight's party - still feeling fairly crap, I've decided to give it a miss.
marcus 2013

More website problems

Something weird has happened to my ntlworld website, which you may have bookmarked as - it's still there, but I can't access it via FTP to make changes. It appears that this is a legacy site that isn't very well supported any more (as in I had endless problems when I spoke to technical support about it) and it may not be possible to solve the problem.

Since NTLworld are owned by Virgin it turns out that I can have a bigger Virgin site as part of my account. As a temporary measure I'm setting up this account now - it's simply a backup of the ntlworld webpage, but has the advantage that I will at least be able to update it, and I think it may load a bit faster and with fewer problems

For now points to the old ntlworld site - In the long term I may move it to the hosting site I use for my other sites, which has VERY good technical support, and will avoid problems if I eventually change my ISP.

Please note that I will NOT be reading mail sent to the Virgin account associated with this web site, it will bounce automatically.