December 6th, 2010

marcus 2013


I've had to abandon my idea of using the Opera site blocker to control advertising - it doesn't make exceptions for local files, and as well as all the adventure files whose names begin with "ad..." the FF CD-ROM has a lot of Victorian advertising, in directories called "advert1" etc and file names like ad10.gif which it won't show at all.

I'm looking instead at Privoxy, which is a proxy server with ad-blocking features. Looks like it'll do what I want, but does anyone have any experience of it?

Later: Trying this at home - it appears to work well.
marcus 2013

Network hard disk stuff again

I've been asked for more details - since I don't think the network disk is accessible from outside I might as well post them for everyone:

Collapse )

To reiterate, I can connect to the internet and to a network printer, and my other computers can connect to Hermione, but suddenly the iBook can't.

Any suggestions?
marcus 2013

re network drive

A nasty thought has crossed my mind - this drive needed a firmware upgrade to make it work with Vista and OS-X, before I did that it was invisible to the iBook as it is now. Is there any way that the firmware could revert to the old version, but still work?

I found the maker's name (ATMT) but their site no longer has the firmware available, which doesn't help much.

later scrub that one, I found the file on my hard disk eventually, it didn't help.