December 15th, 2010

marcus 2013

Android tablets?

Welcome to the latest installment of "Marcus wants a supercomputer in his pocket for 50p..."

Currently I own two Windows CE PDAs which for one reason or another I'm not making much use of:

An HP Jornada 728 - nice pocket PC with a good keyboard but not a lot of software, and the weird screen resolution (640 x 240) means that that you can't see a lot of text while typing / reading. It's OK for notes but I'm not really using it seriously. WiFi but seriously unreliable, especially when connecting to new networks.

A no-name 5" tablet - works, but I seem to be using it more to play games than anything else. Wifi works much better but a low-res screen makes for eye strain. It's seriously difficult to install software because of weird design decisions, and bottom line, I simply don't like it much.

So I'm thinking in terms of selling both of them and going for something like a 7" Android tablet - yes, I know certain people think a 7" iPad is on the way, but I probably wouldn't be able to afford it.

So - bearing in mind that I probably don't want to use this as a phone, much more as a WiFi web browser / notepad / ebook reader, is this a good idea or is android more trouble than its worth.

What I definitely need
  • WiFi
  • good web browser, preferably with ability to show YouTube etc.
  • ebook reader with multiple formats including mobi, pdf, etc.
  • word processor with some ability to save files locally (I don't trust clouds)
  • A GOOD onscreen keyboard, plus the ability to use a real keyboard.
  • Ability to use USB memory sticks
  • Reasonable battery life
  • A few good games e.g. sudoku, bejewelled, spider solitaire
Is this asking for the moon, or are there tablets around that might meet my needs? Preferably low priced, e.g. I notice Morgans have something for £72 but the battery life is a little short. I probably need to sort this fast because the price of 2nd-hand Windows CE kit is falling fast and I'd hope to recoup some of the cost by selling the old stuff.

Any thoughts?
marcus 2013

I has a Pearson's

Not the bound volume of Pearson's Weekly I'm expecting, but a nice single issue of Pearson's Magazine from 1906, with all of the original advertising in very clean condition. There's even a vaguely SF story in it, which appears to be about the Earth ceasing to rotate with Britain (of course) stuck in the bit that's going to freeze. Happy scanning fun ahead!

Later - and it has ads for electric belts, vacuum hair restorers, bust expansion cream, Jiu-Jitsu lessons, and all sorts of other things I haven't seen before. And amazingly no Rowlands' Macassar Oil!

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