December 18th, 2010

marcus 2013

Did I mention it's snowing a little?

Fairly heavy and settling fast.

I know it's nothing by the standards of e.g. Canada, but it's certainly buggered up my plans for today, I really don't want to go out further than the supermarket in Collapse )

Just waiting for it to die down a little and/or I decide I want coffee since I've run out of milk...

According to drplokta "Our severe weather warning has just been upgraded to a red emergency warning of 10-15cm of snow this afternoon, with up to 25cm locally"
marcus 2013


There seem to be ads for Pelmanism in every issue of Pearson's Weekly. The trouble is that they are text-heavy and a little boring to my eyes. Should I be making a major effort to salvage them for posterity, or can I safely limit myself to copying a couple as representative of the rest?