December 19th, 2010

marcus 2013

Xmas Meme

Spotted by selenak

On the twelfth day of Christmas, ffutures sent to me...
Twelve frostfoxs drumming
Eleven john_d_owens piping
Ten very_true_things a-leaping
Nine pioneer10s dancing
Eight kytes a-milking
Seven snakes a-swimming
Six laserdiscs a-laying
Five rpgs
Four forgotten futures
Three falsifying statistics
Two roleplaying games
...and a flatland in a buffy.
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marcus 2013

Livejournal Photo Organiser

Following on from a friend's recent post, are there any add-on programs to make the livejournal scrapbook easier to work with? I've been in the habit of posting pictures as I post my entries, rather than getting them properly organised first, and there doesn't seem to be any easy way to organise them at a later date. Has anyone come up with a program to help with this? Can't find anything on the downloads page.
marcus 2013

Advertising Break

Just finished scanning and organizing the ads from the January 1906 Pearson's Magazine. Needless to say there WAS a Rowlands' Macassar Oil ad in there, a bit smaller than usual which is why I didn't originally spot it. Anyway, it adds another 60-odd pages of ads to the next release of the FF CD-ROM. With the volume of Pearson's Weekly I've picked up there's a good chance I could fill the rest of the CD with old adverts alone - I don't want to do that, so I think I will limit myself to a few that are particularly interesting or funny etc.