December 20th, 2010

marcus 2013

And there was much rejoicing...

I've just received a message from House of Fraser which authorizes me to reproduce as much of the 1939-40 Army and Navy store catalogue as I like. They're not sure if they still own the copyright, but have said I can use it anyway if they do.

My feeling on this is to go for a representative assortment of pages, with an emphasis on equipment for adventurers; guns, cameras, medical, clothing, etc.

Any suggestions on things I should be looking at? Bearing in mind that the catalogue is more than 1000 pages and I sure as hell can't put the whole lot on line.
marcus 2013

Army and Navy Store again

Here's the contents list - these were actually numbered in a complicated way that doesn't work without getting into tables, and said what floor things were on, but I've removed that for now:

There are about 70 pages of preliminary stuff, then the departments etc. are as follows:Collapse )

and here's one of the illos I will definitely be using:

Collapse )

That's a 300 DPI scan reduced to 75 DPI, I'll also use a 150 DPI version. It needs a bit more cleaning up.