December 24th, 2010

marcus 2013

crossrail crane

The big crane I've mentioned a couple of times, the one with the mysterious grab attachment, finally moved to a position where I could see its name and model number. Turns out to be a Liebherr HS 855, putting that into Google produces thousands of images, none of which have quite the same digging attachment.

Technical specs are here

The grabby thing looks similar to the one on the cover of the "image brochure for Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes (HS Series)" but isn't quite the same.
marcus 2013

Army and Navy yet again

I've just learned that this catalogue was reprinted a few years ago and is still available fairly cheaply via

They've somehow reduced it to 1127 pages, which I suspect means that the index has gone - probably the best way to do it.

In view of this I've decided to cut back on scanning it - I'll still be putting the bits that interest me on line, but I'm not going to give it a very high priority.

And, in deference to vicarage, I'll try not to post about it too often!