January 3rd, 2011

marcus 2013

Another illustration

This one will probably be a smallish filler illo.

Not 100% sure of the wording of this, maybe it should be "if the Sirians try to invade," "when" sounds like it's inevitable.

I might try some variations on WW1 recruiting posters too.

Monday 12.30 PM - I've changed it to:

Where will YOU be
When the Sirians attack?

The Imperial Navy and Marines need YOU!
Join the fight TODAY!

I think the original was too verbose, this feels a bit more like a real recruiting poster. Thanks to autopope for the header, and everyone else for their comments.
marcus 2013

Another poster

I may not use this one as it is - I think it could annoy some people. Remember that the world of The Struggle for Empire is ruled by the Anglo-Saxon Empire. Lots of interesting implications there...

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I'm definitely going to have Zeppelin etc. in the spaceship business.

This, incidentally is one of Fred T. Jane's illustrations for Olga Romanoff or The Syren of the Skies, with a lot of colorisation, posterization, etc. I think I will be dipping into that well quite a bit...