March 13th, 2011

lost world


I need to describe the evolution of a primarily technological meritocracy:

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That's a bit vague on the American and German equivalents - any suggestions that were around from say the 1920s onward that I can insert reasonably easily?

Grammar Schools - 11-18, offered a broader curriculum than e.g. public schools.

Technical Colleges - 16+, aimed at working men in engineering, science, etc.

Imperial College - the first university in the UK to emphasise science over the classics etc.
marcus 2013

Marcus got a brand new head...

Userhead, that is.

I wasn't going to bother, but I bought a "Help Japan" vgift for honorh, who it turns out has made it to safety in a shelter, and decided that I might as well splurge on the userhead too.

Thus proving the point of the recent XKCD strip,

I do plan to sort out some sort of Japan donation too, not sure what yet - might ebay some of my junk, all proceeds to charity.