March 19th, 2011

marcus 2013

You want to use mastercard, bouncy bouncy?

I've just had my credit card stopped because I made a donation to the Red Cross last night.

Apparently the Red Cross opened some sort of account since I hadn't given them money that way before, and that plus three small transactions, two a couple of nights ago and one yesterday morning, triggered their fraud system. Apparently a lot of fraudsters do the red cross thing to check that the account details they have are genuine. Needless to say they did this while I was out shopping, so the first I knew of it was my card not working at Tescos.

No real harm done, and it got fixed in about five minutes, but you have to wonder - with umpteen millions given to charity last night because of red nose day, how the hell do they stay on top of it?
marcus 2013

Moon from my bedroom

Someone pointed out in a private post that there's a very large full moon over London tonight. So I took a few pictures.

I think this may be the clearest moon picture I've ever taken, using my 28-300mm zoom rather than the mirror lens (which really isn't sharp enough). I think the shutter time was 1/1000 second, I've boosted brightness and contrast slightly. The top of the moon isn't as sharp as I'd like, probably a little shake even at this speed.
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If I wasn't living in London I'd probably think about buying a telescope for this sort of thing - as it is, there's too much light pollution for it to be useful.